Outdoor Emergency Help Stations

Emergency communications for outdoor or rugged environments

Outdoor Emergency Help Station expands your emergency communications system to locations such as manufacturing floors, parking garages, transportation tunnels and stations, courtyards and other outdoor spaces.

With the press of a button, the outdoor Emergency Help Station connects a person in need to central security or police in seconds—even when facility power has failed or cell phone reception is uncertain. Authorized security personnel can push targeted or broad emergency alerts to Help Stations with voice instructions, text display, flashing lights, and sirens.

The Emergency Help Station can be mounted on the outside walls of buildings to inform people to shelter inside during severe weather events or violent incidents, or to warn them to remain outside until it’s safe to enter.


Outdoor Emergency Help Station Features and Benefits

  • Instantly identify the precise location of a help call.
  • Connect people in need with security or first responders via a hands-free, live voice call.
  • Broadcast alerts and answer help calls with easy to use, map-based Command Center software.
  • Connect help calls to security patrols on their handheld radios or mobile phones.
  • Automatically notify designated stakeholders of system events via email/text.
  • Broadcast widespread or targeted emergency alerts in seconds, using voice and text display, siren and flashing lights.
  • Automatically send alerts to other systems, such as cell phone/text alert services, outdoor speakers, and indoor communications devices.
  • Verify system power, connectivity, and tamper status with automatic endpoint monitoring and fault alerts.
  • Automatically capture emergency event details for future review and reporting.
  • Help ensure that the system works when phone, power and internet fail.

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