Indoor Emergency Help Stations

Instantly alert your people in a crisis, and deploy help where needed

Emergency and security personnel use Emergency Help Stations to broadcast rapid, targeted alerts to a room, floor, building, or entire facility in seconds. People in need can press the button on any Help Station to speak with security patrols, police, or off-site central stations via a hands-free voice connection. The system automatically transmits the location of the trouble spot, so security can immediately deploy help.

The Help Station is designed for use in hallways, laboratories, meeting rooms, lecture halls and other spaces where large groups of people gather. The system operates even when power, internet, and cell networks fail.

The Emergency Help Station connects to easy-to-use, map-based Command Center software. Using the cloud-based software, security and emergency managers can send instant alerts to their facilities from anywhere, on-site or off. Alerts can broadcast via Help Stations and/or existing site systems such as loudspeakers, digital signage, desktop alerts, IP phones, and third-party email/text services. Help Stations can also be activated by buttons, key switches, or other hardware.


Indoor Emergency Help Station Features and Benefits

High-speed alerting–deliver alerts in less than 10 seconds.

  • Rapidly broadcast widespread or targeted emergency alerts, using voice and text display, siren and flashing lights.
  • Operate with easy to use, map-based Command Center software from anywhere, on site or off.
  • Launch alerts from mobile phones or tablets.
  • Simultaneously send alerts through existing site devices such as digital signs, loudspeakers, IP phones, and desktop computer screens, as well as third-party email/text services.
  • Speak with people in need via a two-way, hands-free, live voice connection.
  • Instantly identify the precise location of a help call.
  • Connect help calls to security patrols via handheld radios or mobile phones.
  • Automatically notify others in the organization by email or text messages when designated events occur.
  • Automatically capture emergency communications event details for future review and reporting.
  • Help ensure that you can still use your communications system when phone, power and internet fail.

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